Planet Jarr is the plug and play studio of creative being and explorer Jarr Geerligs. Jarr is an independent art director, designer, illustrator, animator & creator of other works of conceptual art. He calls himself a professional dreamer & realizer from Planet Jarr. 

Jarr aims to unleash the true potential of people around him and himself. To work for and with people & brands that are conscious about society and our environment as a whole. He aims to inspire with creativity & solutions by creating and co-creating smart, beautiful and outstanding work and services.

Jarr Geerligs is a multiple award winning creative. Here is a list of awards & honors he recieved.

Warp the possible

Team up
Jarr works with you, alone or as a team.

Preferably together with one of these copywriters:
Kim Triesscheijn
Sidney Vollmer
Karin Heinen
Erwin Schieven
Ilona Van de Laarschot

Or/and with one of these creative strategy partners:
Niels Vrijhoeven
Wouter Boon
Marielle Gussenhoven
King Eve (Suzanne & Tessel)

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