No more hardcopy of the IKEA catalogue through your letterbox. That is not exactly the news you are waiting for. So we created the Audio Catalogue. A podcast reading the whole contents of the IKEA catalogue out loud. Do you want to see the pictures as well? Then go online and check the pdf here. That was the message that we created. Done together with Buutvrij for life and Maarten Boer. 

Spin Award 2020:
Gold for Media use, Silver for Digital Campaign & Nominated in category Content for IKEA Luistercatalogus / Audio Catalogue

Esprix Award 2020:
Bronze Sales promotions & Activations for IKEA Luistercatalogus / Audio Catalogue

ADCN Dutch Creativity Awards 2020:
Bronze in Digital. Nominated in catagories PR and Radio/Audio for IKEA Luistercatalogus / Audio Catalogue 

The Audio Catalogue in Dutch

The Audio Case in Dutch

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