Most beer giveaways target men. It was time to give something to the women who love to watch soccer. Women love clothes, but don’t want to look the same. So we made a dress that was wearable in different ways. We asked fashion designer and influencerOlcay Gulsen of SuperTrash to design such a dress. We used the dress to create flashmobs in the stadium of the World Championships in Africa to infiltrate the competitiors branded space. It became quite the news.


A team effort with people from Selmore,
Achtung!, X-ingredient, Don't Tell Mumm, and Bavaria.

Esprix Grand Prix 2011& 2 Gold IMCC EU Awards: Bavaria DutchDress
Bronze Promo & Activation Lion 2011
Shortlist PR Lions 2011
ADCN Gold 2011
ADCN Silver 2011
SAN Accent 2010
Golden ESPRIX 2010

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